About Us

We are proud to announce that we have now expanded to the regions of African and presently the regional Head Office is based in Lagos Commercial Metropolitan.

Ecopowerenergy24 evolved from the growth of Energy Solutions, a licensed Nigeria Company that grew to offer a spectrum of Renewable products Ecopowerenergy24 affiliated with SIGMA TAP and the HQ is Netherlands   

Ecopowerenergy24 and staff are a full-service technology company designing, servicing, and installing solar systems of every type and model for over 25 years in Europe zone and beyond, including Gustrow Germany, Kotosbrzeg Poland, Potsdam Germany, Bad Radkersburg Austria Pakistan, Kenya.

Planning, installing, and servicing over 15,000MW Renewable Energy systems in the Central Netherland area has had an influence on us to create and implement designs that exceed current industry standards.  Our staff, starting with our activities and field specialists to our organization office and experienced professionals, have the expertise to expand the life span of all the Renewable frameworks we introduce.

Regardless of whether you bought a home with your Renewable framework previously included or have a circumstance that necessities qualified answers, we have just aided, and helped many Renewable framework proprietors. We are known for consolidating new designs with demonstrated innovation that will stand the trial of time and can work and work with the result and quality you ought to anticipate.

What makes Ecopowerenergy24 Source Systems unique?

We are focused on giving all out fulfilment to our clients, reflected in our remarkable Renewable items and responsive assistance. Ecopowerenergy24 offers results of outstanding quality, and we complement those products with industry-leading services and design upgrades from our years of installation experience. During the installation process, our technicians also inspect each component according to our meticulous standards experience. During the establishment procedure, our experts additionally investigate every part as per our fastidious measures.

Why Us?


We work Globally, we usually don`t work for end users, but for local companies who have the clients and an organization that is able to install and maintain the installation. These local companies must be of good standard and have good understanding of the solar business. On certain aspects additional trainings can be given by us.  For these appointed distributors, we design tailor-made solutions for the projects they have and try to meet the expectations and budget of the customer. We also prepare, pre-assemble and program a system when necessary (for instance import tax regulations or quality issues). We cooperate with several high-end specialist engineering and electronics installing companies to guarantee high quality and fast delivery times even for large scale projects.

Our Special Ties

Ecopowerenergy24 is a specialist in installations in remote areas like Telecom installations, pumping stations or remote farmhouses. We also can develop mini-grids and mini-Hydro for remote villages or factories using a mixture of solar, wind and traditional energy generator sets. We always program in such a way that the cheapest source of energy is consumed first when available.

These are examples of some of the end-users we do Support both domestic and small to medium Enterprise (SME) such as:


  • Barber Beauty salon

  • Hairdresser Beauty salon

  • Welders Fabrication

  • Tyre Repair Technicians

  • Boutique Shop

  • Beer Parlour

  • Recreation Centre

  • Small, Large & medium Retail Stores

  • Local Mechanics Centre

  • Tailors

  • Elementary Schools

  • Nurseries


  • large-scale renewable energy project
  • On-grid systems
  • Off-grid systems
  • Solar Solutions
  • Street Lighting


Office: 0803 348 1000  


Find Us

UK Office
Cloverly, 6 Manse Way, Swanley BR8 8DD
Sevenoaks, Kent, England, UK

European Office
Bankade 4, 5236 AX  ’s-Hertogenbosch,
The Netherlands

Africa Office
87 Bode Thomas Street, Shell Club, Surulere,
Lagos, Nigeria