On-grid Systems

Large-scale renewable energy projects

When a grid is available a well calculated on-grid system can help you to bring your energy bill down. Many countries or grid companies will not allow you to deliver power back to the grid and in those cases it is very important not to create an oversized installation. As the on-grid system usually does not need a battery bank back-up, the initial capital investment will be lower than in the case of off-grid systems or hybrid systems. Depending on your climate, we can integrate solar and wind generators to work together to have your renewable energy supply maximized 24 hours a day.

Suitable for: 
• Most urban situations
• Factories with grid connection
• Places that run a mini or island grid
• Solar fields to strengthen a weak grid

Off-grid System

Electricity Everywhere

Off-grid systems we develop for places where the grid is not available. The systems are used to guarantee suitable power supply to remote installations and houses. The system consists of solar panels and or wind turbines, a battery bank, battery chargers and also the integration of a generator set is possible. Optionally, we can add a lan / gsm module to monitor the installation from your or our installer’s office. This remote control together with the high-quality product makes maintenance easy and affordable.
Suitable for:

• Remote houses
• Farms
• Telecom stations
• Gas / Oil / Water pumping stations

Hybrid Systems

Always On

A hybrid system is designed in cases where the grid is unreliable. Solar power when possible in combination with wind generator(s) can be installed together with a back-up generator. When solar and /or wind power is available the inverters will send it to your in-house grid. If the grid fails, the generator will come on automatically and run on low capacity to create your own grid and still use the free renewable energy available.
Suitable for:

• On grid solution for small wind turbines up to 500mw
• Small on grid PV solar configurations
• Combination of solar and wind turbines
• Streetlights

Flexible Hybrid System

Flexible Hybrid Inverters

For small PV solar in combination with a small wind turbine Ecopowerenergy24 produces a Flexible Hybrid inverter.
This system is a steel case with a slide-in solution for Inverter PCB`s developed by Ecopowerenergy24 for solar and wind. A full protection system safeguards the inverters against overload and will break the wind turbine in case of heavy wind to protect damage by over speed. The inverter PCBs can be programmed and adjusted to the circumstances where they are operated. For bigger projects, we can program them in the factory. This system has a proven track record as it is successfully installed in many places around the world. Contact us for more information.
Suitable for:

• On grid solution for small wind turbines up to 1KW
• Small on grid PV solar configurations
• Combination of solar and wind turbines
• Streetlights

The most Advance Street Light

Now Enhanced by the World’s Most Powerful Features!

Ecopowerenergy24 All-in-one solar streetlight is the fastest and easiest way to install solar lighting and transform your area into well enlighten one. Use the simple connection interface to install in any pole in a professional way in the least amount of time possible.

If you can connect a cable,
you can install a solar lighting solution
in less than 10 minutes.

Make the solar panel face south while installing. Meanwhile, you can adjust the angle between the lamp head and level (as follow), you’d better reconcile the lamp head with local latitude.

  1. Install fuse if present before use (remove any film under fuse)
  2. Tool supplied to tighten security bolts provided
  3. Face solar panel as much towards the north as possible to maximise sun exposure (and therefore battery charge)

NB: As with all solar products, performance is wholly dependent upon the hours of direct sunlight and the orientation of the solar panel.

To place the light pole into the best spot with good day lighting. The light pole should be the length 4-6m, the thickness 2.0mm with material iron or steel, the diameter 50-90mm.

Unfold the knob of fuse (see below) and take out the insulating film if the fuse sockets, to check up if the fuse working right or not, and then tighten.

Place the lamp on the pole by its sleeve, special screw should be used, and steady installation should be ensured.

Together with the solar street lights you will get the premium customers extra bonuses

You will not only get all in one solar street light, but you will be part of our premium customers. Remember that if you place the order today. You get 2 years warranty program that covers all the functioning problems of our solar streetlights

You get the video course to install solar streetlights. They are 4 video lessons of one hour each in which we explain every aspect of solar streetlights configuration and installation and much more – a Three Hundred Thousand Naira #500,000 value …. The course will be very soon, once ready we will charge you 50%

You get direct import/export specialist taking care of your order and helping you in case of any problem with Forwarding or Customs

You get an open system product that allow you to replace in future the components taking them from your local market, and you will not be forced to come to us. You can be sure that in long period you can easily do maintenance.

You get an e-book about everything you should know about solar lighting. We have covered all the technical aspects and have been approved by hundreds of customers all over the world

You can choose the colour temperature of the lights. Cool, Natural or Warm white colour temperature available. We are not stockist. We are Accredited Distributor for Africa Region. We can provide you what you are looking for.

Light your area in just minutes

Patent Pending Design

The shape and configuration have been deliberately concentrated to enhance all the development. The standpoint ought to be ideal to be seen. This is the reason we have applied for patent for our structure. Truly you can have the best arrangement with the best confirmation available.

No Cable Needed

Sun oriented fuelled open air lighting Easy establishment. You needn’t bother with the links. Our All-in-one sun powered road light are very easy to use and maintain a strategic distance from the issue to do the associations with links. Your time is significant for us and thus we improve the innovation consistently, to give you the best arrangement.

Lithium Battery

Utilizing lithium battery to draw out item life and secure condition. We think to the earth and we apply the freshest innovation on our road light let. The lithium batteries are what’s to come.

Infra-red Solar Motion

Ecopowerenergy24 All in one sun powered road light has a worked in uninvolved infra-red movement sensor that consequently manages the LED light yield from full splendour to a lower-level contingent on the discovery of development around the light.

Light Weight Design

Smaller volume and light weight configuration spares cargo cost and establishment cost. Likewise, the weight has been thought to give you the best execution and the best understanding. Simple, quick, and light. Numerous things in one item.

Rust confirmation

Our items are intended to maintain a strategic distance from the rust nearness. The rest is risky for the LED light road light framework. So we forestall that making our road light LED with an extraordinary innovation that stay away from the rust. Let you attempt that!

Waterproof and Dust-proof

What is absent? Yes! Our all-in-one solar street light products are waterproof and dustproof. In this method, they can function in safety, and you will not waste the time go on the installation plant and make the maintenance.

All in one solar streetlight can be installed in many application fields!

  • Car parks, paths, and laneways
  • Private roads, gates, and entrances

Remote areas:

  • Where wiring is not economical or practical

Safety and security:

  • Playgrounds, courtyards
  • Entrances, exits and muster areas
  • Outside storage areas, perimeter lighting

Extremely EASY installation. Everyone can install them without any problem

Install all in one solar streetlights, exactly like any experienced installer

  • Easily
  • In a matter of minutes
  • Without any experience or having to hire expensive installers


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